Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Warhammer Siege Campaign - Test the Defences

High on the walls of Fortress Groznog Snurti Longsight took the telescope from his one good eye and slowly folder the brass device away. 
"Nowt to worry about lads - I've seen spiders bigger than the ones they're riding in mi bath"

Despite the setback of having their war-machine smashed by the desperate dwarf sally  Ruglud has continued to turn the screw. Now, emboldened, he's decided it is time to assault part of the fortress outer defences.
The Orcs would have 1,000 points including a single war machine versus the Dwarf 500 points of defenders. I decided to give the Ironbreakers rocks to hurl on their foes.

 Dawn breaks. How many Groznog dwarfs will live to see another?

 Ironbreakers wave their defiance

Any sign yet, lads?

 The Orc horde advances

Never leave home without ladders. And a big badass Black Orc

Man the ramparts

The greenskin advance began with their spider riders scuttling forward. The Dwarfs shot, but drew no blood



 A rather less subtle advance

Soon the greenies were at the wall, though dwarf shooting had whittled the big unit of Orcs heading for the gate to give it a good hard ramming.


 Up and over and in!


Whilst the simple minded Orcs smashed against the door under a hail of fire from the thunderers and crossbows the Black Orc delivery system Night Goblin units raced into combat with the Ironbreakers

This was to prove a protracted affair with at least one lot of goblins running away at least twice. However the Black Orc kept swinging and the Ironbreakers kept killing but with ever dwindling numbers.


Oh bugger!

In the meantime the spiders had clambered up and over the walls and were seriously distracting the dwarf gunline from its main task of killing Orcs.

 On we grind...

Double bugger!

At some point during this the Orcs with the ram dropped their weapon and fled but the spiders overran the crossbowmen and began properly whittling the Thunderers

Finally it was all too much and the Orcs returned to the fray, picked up their enormous log and thrust it through the vaguely resisting doorway and forced themselves home.

In we go ladz!

And so the outer Bastion of Fortess Lerpak the ancestral home of the Groznog Clan has been breached!

This was good fun, The actual sige rules seemed to work pretty well and the door only cracked on the very last turn of the game. I suspect the full game will just turn into a bit of a grind with endless combats that neither side can win decisively enough to force the issue. However at this size it worked rather well and I'm looking forward to the grand climax.


  1. Thoroughly enjoying this series of posts. Great stuff and the seige rules seem to help create a fairly conistent narrative. Thanks for sharing your fun!

  2. Go the orcs ! Great looking battle 😀