Tuesday, 8 March 2016


The Gaming Heir and I sauntered along to Hammerhead at the weekend.
I went to the first of these when it was back at Partizan, and was effectively trying to be a sort of Partizan lite.
I then didn't go for a few years, but finally returned last year and thought it was jolly enough to return this year.
Again I didn't take my camera, and the phone ones I tok are all out of focus. Grrrr

We played a game of James' Verdun tunnel crawl (it's a bit like Space Hulk, though in a WW1 fortress). I've offered to make him a Genestealer in Pickelhaube, but for some reason he's declined.

The second game we played was a splendid little game of Robin Hood v Zombies in which I played the evil Necromancer and Gaming Heir the Lincoln Green clad Sherwood Forest denizens. It used the LotR engine and reminded me what a great little system it is for skirmish games. Puggs did a great job of running this on behalf of one of the Mansfield clubs.
Needless to say I lost.

I also caught up with some chums like the aforementioned James, and Mog, who I've not seen since Salute last year. He and some of the other chaps from the Polly club were running a very good looking WW2 air attack on a destroyer game - though we didn't quite get our timings right for a game.
All in all its a good little show. I like that all the games are participation ones (as does the GH) though the nature of some of our hobbyists means its not always easy to catch the eye or get the invitation to actually sit down and play...

I did a bit of shopping, though sadly some of the command models I was after for NWF weren't in stock, so it looks like I'll have to make another trip to see Nick at Northstar.
Oh welll

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