Sunday, 7 February 2016

Big Rocks for 40K

As a result of playing plenty of 40K I've decided to add to my scenery collection.
These are simple bits of the creamy yellow insulation foam (left over from Mrs Tom's Toy Soldiers' kitchen extension) carved with a kitchen knife and based on some MDF. I gave them a coat of PVA mixed with some emulsion, a little filler and sieved sand.
The whole lot got a basecoat of Yellow Ochre acrylic paint that I picked up from a craft shop, then drybrushed with some creamy off whites from Wilko tester pots.

They have a pleasingly old school feel to me - reminiscent of terrain I used to see in old WDs. I was aiming for a sort of Monument Valley feel and they'll certainly help block lines of sight for 40K and  maybe limit the power of the Eldar Lances.

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