Thursday, 16 July 2015

Frostgrave plastics

I've stuck together the first plastics for the smallest boy.
He said what he wanted in the warband and I glued some appropriate models together.

 Thug - this is small boy's favourite
Thug - I think I like this one best
"Bonus" metal Templar (from the Crusader Miniatures range)

The models went together very easily, with minimal scraping needed of some very tiny mold lines.

The plastic seems to me to be particularly hard - less "buttery" than some  - but that's just an observation - it made no difference to assembly.

I really like these models - I'm no fan of Bob Naismith's sculpting style when applied to historical models, but the slightly cartoonish style works well for these. The faces are great - very characterful and evocative of menacing desperados.

My only criticisms (and these are minor and a bit subjective) would be that the only knife is in the off hand - meaning any thief you make will be left handed. In a similar vein most of the off hands are really designed for a shield (which most retinue won't have) - there's one holding a lantern, which is very nice, but will inevtiably get used quite a lot, but some more relaxed left arms would have helped. Finally, there is one right arm without a weapon (a nice pointing arm) but the absence of either a sheathed weapon or a left hand weapon other than the knife mean it's use is a little limited.

However these are minor nit-picky quibbles and I know how hard it is to get a mix of weapons and arms that match the needs of the rules with the desires of the modellers. All in all I think this is a great and characterful set.

Looking forward to making MY retinue now the important one for the lad is done.

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