Friday, 5 June 2015

Capture the Cannon! a Lion Rampant battle report

Whizzing 400 or so years back into the past following our Napoleonic excursion Steve and I convened for a game of Lion Rampant.
We decided on the second scenario wherein one side defends an objective and Steve produced a very jolly cannon for his Welsh retinue to defend. I had my later English "all elite" force led by Thomas de Kerby and was opposed by Sir Huw Gwyrdd's ragtag welsh assortment.

 Proud welshmen

 Steely English archers

Stern-faced sergeants

I began by advancing. This seemed sensible as I had to capture the cannon to win. I wanted my foot men at arms to avoid Sir Huw's similar bodyguard as Sir Huw had vowed to cut me down (and had rolled a handy skill to enable him to do just that). As Earl Thomas was rash I didn't want to be forced to charge him.

 The welsh men at arms move out

 While their archers shuffle to the left

 And their knights mostly stand around

The archers spit death at the Welsh

To my surprise Sir Huw led his men at arms to counter my sergeants. Meanwhile my archers drew a heavy toll on their opponents.

Sir Huw Gwyrdd leads the way

Unfortunately my sergeants proved no match for the Welsh elites and didn't really even whittle them down very much.

My archers drove off their Weslh rivals, but had taken too long. Stout welsh foot now took their place by the cannon.

Finally the Welsh knights found foward gear on their horses and drove into the English lines. Fortunately the archers were able to withdraw in good order and Earl Thomas was able to lead his troops into their flank.

Again to my surprise, the forces of Sir Huw came on rather than defend their war engine, though they had spare archers to take their place. The english bowmen took a heavy toll on them as they advanced and the eventual combat was an evenly matched affair. Meanwhile Earl Thomas and his men slaughtered the Welsh horse.

 Right, who's next?

 Bugger it, Huw's here

Right then, let's have it!!!

Unfortunately the delays to my advance had allowed Sir Huw to make his way toward Earl Thomas. The Welsh knight bellowed out challenge, Sir Thomas yelled his response and rose to the occasion.
Tragically Sir Huw's martial prowess was too great and Earl Thomas found himself face down in the earth.
With that Sir Huw had completed his boast, making an English win impossible and so the de Kerby force withdrew.

Right lads, discretion's the better part of whatsit...

The victorious Welsh

This was a great fun game with the action swinging this way and that. I think my force suffers a bit from "glass hammer" syndrome, it hasn't got the bodies to take much punishment.  In some situations it's a devastating force (the shooting is terrifying) but in a scenario like this I really felt the absence of mounted troops. 
I really enjoy Lion Rampant, it's simple and easy to grasp, but has enough grit to make it challenging. It's time, however to work on a different retinue I think (or expand this one).


  1. Very nice game and lovely looking troops!

    1. Thanks Rodger, having them all painted helps.

  2. Great report, both of us missed my frustration and ranting about not being able to activate anything until my third turn!

  3. Nice report, and impressive archers!

  4. Mixed feelings about LR as a ruleset.