Sunday, 23 November 2014

Orcs and Goblins versus Nurgle Chaos Legion a Warhammer Battle report

After a considerable hiatus, bought about by our hectic international jet set lifestyles Stephen and I convened for another game of Warhammer.
He's been very busy assembling and painting all manner of putrid Nurgle models to use under the End Times rules (see here and here). And I've painted a whole load of random nonsense not suitable for Warhammer games at all (see the last two month's posts on this blog).

We rolled up a scenario and it was the diagonal deployment one. I set up first, the hideous forces of corruption then deployed and failed to steal the first turn, so we were off.


 Gruzzkup and Da Lads

 Stinky Chaos Mens

Animosity failed to take hold of my forces, but a vanguarding unit of horsemen ejected a couple of fanatics earlier than I might have liked. I tried to charge the horsemen with the squig herd, but they wisely fled. The rest of the Orc forces pushed forward and some ineffectual magic and bowfire saw the end of my turn.

 'Ere we go

 Get 'em

The Chaos forces advanced, menacingly (and a bit smelly too I expect). The warriors failed to charge home and the dogs started to sweep around my right flank. Over on the left the Foresaken hurled themselves at the giant. The winds of magic blew weakly, although the Chaos Warrior champion almost lost his life as a result.
In the combat phase the Foresaken powered up and caused four wounds on the giant. However in return the big fella jumped up and down and wiped them all out.

 Behold my freshly painted might!

 Jump, squish, jump, squish, jump, squish, ju...

In my turn I again survived animosityless and elected to do quite a bit of charging.
Trolls and Big Uns piled into the warriors, both chariots smashed into the blight warriors and I threw the Arrer boys into the dogs.
In the magic phase I managed to get Gork'll Fix It off on the Blightkings and the spiders managed to shot a marauder from his horse.
In combat the Arrer boys didn't fair as well as I hoped against the dogs, them being Nurgle and having a higher weapon skill and everything - but didn't actually run away. The Boys and trolls found the Nurgle guys quite a tough nut as well, though flaming banners on both sides meant anything wounded stayed wounded. I took hits, but numbers were on my side.
Over on my left the chariots piled into the Chaos Beasties and to my astonishment managed to do enough damage to make them flee and run them down. The curse of newly painted models strikes again!

 Waaaagh! Crunch!

In return the Marauder Horse charged into the flank of the Trolls, hoping to save the warriors from being crushed and the stone thrower creature thingy (I think that's it's proper name) advanced toward the Squig herd. Magic blew powerfully and sole wizard was snatched off into the void. The Nurgle warriors received a poison boost before a Total power result  saw the rest of the magic pool vanish before more damage could be done.
The stonethrower creature prepared to spit flies and death at the squigs but something went wrong (perhaps a fly got swallowed and went down the wrong way) and the whole hideous creature collapsed and died on the spot!

In combat the dogs finished off the Arrer boys before the Orc boys laid waste to the remaining chaos warriors, leaving just a flag bearer standing.
And with that the game was up.

A victory, but one more reliant on luck and dice than skillful tactical mastery on my part.
But a good fun game nevertheless.
Steve was particularly unlucky that Bloab Rotspawned misfired and rolled a one, resulting in 400+ points of newly pained awesomeness was simply removed from the bard. But that is how the rues have been written. Although I believe Stephen is now attempting to use his inside contacts to ensure an Errata will be shortly forthcoming.

Please go at once and read Steve's version of events over on his blog

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  1. Two pretty 'tough' armies but a win is a win, even if luck played it's part. Nice batrep.