Friday, 1 August 2014

War in the Underway - battle five

Gruzzkup hefted his chopper, snarled and looked to his left and right. The lads were all there, lined up and ready. Shame about da boyz he’d sent off to flank the invading enemy, but it was always a good idea to feed the deep dark beasties every now and again, just so’s they didn’t come out looking for food. To his left the slimy Trolls scratched themselves idly and stared into space, oblivious to the small wall that shielded them from the enemy, whilst to his right the Squigs were being poked and prodded to a state of high agitation by their herders. It didn’t feel right to Gruzzkup to be hidin' behind this broken bit of old dwarf ruin, he was itching to lead the boys charging at the foe, but he knew he was outnumbered after the last punch up, and that a bit of lurking might just even things up…

 A Doom Diver's Eye View

 Loobinz and da Red Arrerz. Lurkin'.

 Da Ladz

 Da Enemy

With a loud Waaagh and a creaking of wheels the two Orc chariots lurched forward into the cavern, a high pitched shriek and some loud boings meant that Nubbinz and Muncha were advancing too. Meanwhile Loobinz the Shaman led da Red Arrerz into the woods in search of “fungus and shiny fings”. Gruzzkup held the Trolls in check and turned to tell the Squigs the same, just in time to see a cloud of stones, boots and old boar shoes come cascading down onto the ladz. Irate the boys began to hurl things back at their diminutive cousins and Gruzzkup had to lay about him with the flat of his chopper to restore order. Overcome with the excess Waaagh energy Kint Uckee’s Bloo Moonz began squabbling amongst themselves. Finally da Kreepiez ran up the walls and into the tower and started blocking the windows with webs, but not before shooting at the Savage Orc Boarboys – to no effect.

 Lotsa ladz on pigz

Enraged by the spiders getting into the Tower a unit of Arrer boys “lost it” and ran to hammer at the web entangled doorway. The rest of the invading Orcs held firm apart from the cavalry on the right wing who tried to charge down the chariot but stumbled in the darkness and meandered forward. Whispering Doris* the spider began to scrabble forward, and the archers on her back targeted Muncha, but the bouncy creature shrugged off their attentions. The Night goblin archers drew a similar bead, wounding him twice over. The rest of the Orc centre advanced, including the Manglers who surged ahead, eager to bounce on Gruzzkup’s ladz. In the fight at the tower, the spiders did just enough to prevent the Orcs from breaking in.

 'Ere get outa our towah!

 Da Cavalree. Best do summat about 'dem


Ill disciple once again gripped some of Gruzzkup's boys and the Night Goblin spearmen lurched toward the spider riders – halting only to disgorge a pair of fungus addled fanatics toward the Black Orcs. The rest of the line held firm apart from the chariots, one of which smashed into the savage Orcs boarboys, wiping them out, and the second ploughed into the savage Orc infantry, finishing up on top of the Mangler and removing both itself and the Squig beast in a shower of wood and metal. Panicked by the obliteration of their boar mounted brethren, the Orc Boarboy unit fled away from the rampaging chariot and off the board. Gruzzkup grinned “Dat evens fings up a bit” he muttered.

 Da Savagez avoid da Spinnaz

Enraged by the loss of their boar riding brothers the Savage Orcs decided to charge the rash Night Goblin unit, despite the protests of the warboss. Fortunately they ran out of steam when faced with two whirling fanatics. Likewise the Black Orcs backed away from the spinning steel balls. Mardy Doris* the giant spider continued to scuttle across the battlefield and she and the night goblins once again shot at Nubbinz and Muncha, finally halting his erratic bouncing for good. Back at the watchtower the orcs kicked the doors in and ejected the upstart spider riders.


Get Krumpin' ladz!

Sensing that his moment had come Gruzzkup urged his ladz forward. Caught up in the enthusiasm the Trolls joined the charge. Loobinz and da Red Arrerz were likewise imbued with Waaagh energy and shouting vile threats they launched themselves at the enemy Spider riders who were so surprised by this they forgot to run away. Both Gruzzkup and the Trolls hammered home into the Savage Orcs – sadly this meant one of the trolls sat on a fanatic, leading to an untimely and unpleasant end for both of them. Kint Uckee urged da Bloo Moonz forward from their defensive position, fearing they’d never get a look in any other way. Shooting and magic had little effect, but it’s fightin’ where Orcs make it count. Sure enough Loobinz and da Red Arrerz made mincemeat of the Spider riders and ran them down as they fled. In the centre the two Warbosses squared off, with each taking a wound off the other. The savage Orcs directed most of their attacks against the tolls, hoping to bring the lumbering beasts down before they could strike, however only one fell to their simple stone weapons. In return Gruzzkup’s ladz and the brute trolls rained bloody vengeance on the Savage Orcs and they duly turned tail and fled. Despite the menacing presence of nearby fanatics both the trolls and Orcs surged after the fleeing enemy and cut them down.

Spider versus Squigs. Who. Will. Win?
Gruzzkup’s roars of triumph however died in his throat as the spear Orcs crashed into his flank and the Black Orcs ploughed into the trolls, unfurling their flaming banner as they went. Things suddenly looked a little hairy for the wily old Orc. Meanwhile Creepy Madge* threw herself at the squig herd, shrugging off the fanatic that sped past her. The crossbow Orcs by the tower launched themselves at the Spider riders who fled for their eight legged lives. Night Goblin Magic bit hard as the shaman hurled everything he could at Gruzzkup’s Orcs, slowing them right down and ensuring they’d have trouble hitting the spear Orcs. As the fighting began the Black Orcs made short work of the trolls and then crashed into Gruzzkup’s unit, making him the meat in a greenskin sandwich. However despite the Black Orcs inflicting some damage the Big Uns hit back hard and (with the help of a well waved banner) the unit held. The giant arachnid meanwhile laid about the Squigs, but they exploded with a vengeance, bringing Wheezing Vera* crashing down and taking a fanatic, some hapless night goblin archers and several spear Orcs with them.
Feeling they were missing out the Night Goblins declared their intention to “Show ‘em” and ploughed into the flank of the Black Orcs. Hefting his chopper Gruzzkup roared out a challenge and proceeded to slaughter the Black Orc Battle standard Bearer. Despite the Black Orcs massacring a number of Night Goblins, their flank charge was enough to tip the balance and, stripped of their banner, the Black Orcs fled and were cut down.

Chew, stab, crunch spit!
The remaining Night Goblin archers launched themselves at the flank of the Night Goblin unit celebrating their rout of the Black Orcs and chased them off but couldn’t catch them and with that we decided the battlefield was Gruzzkup’s.

Yikes, where'd dey come from?
This was a great game with two crucial moments. The first was my chariot wiping out the Savage Orc Boar Boys and routing the other boarboy unit off the field. That one charge re-balanced the forces (I started 500 points down) and secured my vulnerable left flank. The other moment came when the Black Orcs failed to break Gruzzkup’s unit. I’d pursued the Savage Orcs wanting to kill them and hoping to get out of Black Orc charge arc. I ended up achieving the first, but flank on to the elite enemy unit. Fortunately I rolled well and Steve didn’t do as well as he could and I was just able to hang on.

Another great game down in the Underway with our two fully panted armies looking splendid. Now on to the climactic battle!

Stevo has his own version of events. Do go and read it on his blog.

*possibly not the real name of the Araknarok


  1. wow! great looking miniatures/armies... love the colors used on these cool looking the Spider model..

    1. Thanks Phil. We've been working hard on them to get them ready for Call to Arms.
      The Spider is all Steve's work: