Monday, 12 May 2014

Squiggly Beasts

I've been doing some work on my unit of Squigs and Herders.
Truth to tell they've been sittng around 2/3 finished for several years.
However as they hark from GWs "who cares if it ranks up" period ('97-'03 roughly) I couldn't ever make the leap into completing the unit. In the end I gave up trying to get them to rank up on the bases supplied and have instead rammed smaller numbers of them on larger bases.

With a few spares for "change"  when casualties start to bite this should see me able to actually base and varnish them.


  1. They're looking excellent! I really like the red.

  2. Your basing solution is eminently sensible and I think I might be partaking of it with my own! Very good thinking.

  3. I really hate squigs!

    Nice looking unit T and I know that it's good to finish off something thats been hanging around for years. Look good on the colective bases. Nice!