Sunday, 10 February 2013


I seem to have slowed down on hobbying recently, hence the lack of posts.
Even this is from a few weeks ago...

Anyway my regular wargame opponent and I got together a couple of weeks ago with our respective small boys for a game or two of the Hobbit. We are experienced LotrR gamers and I think we were expecting a couple of hours patiently explaining concepts to small children before they got bored and ambled off to pay with Lego while we got on with soldiering.
As it turned out the two boys rapidly grasped things and we had very little involvement.
The game played as well as I remember it doing, that is to say very well when there's not too many models or special rules and you're playing a story driven scenario.
We played two scenarios, the first with three dwarfs trying to retrieve some treasure and get off the board edge past a horde of Goblins, the second with a horde of Goblins trying to get off the board past three dwarfs. variety being after all the spice of wargaming life. The set looked splendid all painted up and the models are nice, although I'm not a big fan of the film aesthetic.

Some pictures:

I was left thinking I should maybe revive my plan to paint all the models needed to play through the Fellowship of the Ring Journeybook...


  1. Looks good, but who won?? it seems that it's impossible that only 3 dwarves could win against an army of goblins with a fat, big Jabba-Goblin ??

    (I didn't like the movie.......)

  2. Looks good, I am still working through painting my Hobbit set...

  3. Nice to see a game of this actually being played! Also it's surprising how effective just laying out the wooden walkways alone looks. I have been agonising about needing lots of rocks as well for additional scenery but you obviously don't need it for a good game. Inspirational!

  4. The Goblins won both games.
    Fortunately as small boys swapped sides after the first game, that meant honours even and no consoling required.
    The Dwarfs were a little unlucky in both games with one falling to his doom in the first and the Goblin king turning up very early in the second.

    Yup the scenery makes it for the starter set I think. And was (apparently) dead easy to paint.