Friday, 6 July 2012

Hot Lead 2012 all the rest

I have realised that I don't have time to post all the individual games in the style of the first one.
So rather than wait weeks to get them all posted, here's some brief write ups and pictures.

Game Two
I was drawn to play Francis and his Vikings. I've met Francis at numerous WAB events in the past and he assures me we've played each other on several occasions. My memory is not what it was, so he's probably quite correct.
This battle was the River Crossing scenario and I was the 1500 point attacker. I "ordered" a general advance, and rather than any complicated reforming malarkey simply splashed across the river at 1/2 rate.

 Splish, splash, splosh

 The summer sound of spear on shield

 Run away!

Let the taunting commence!

Although I seemed to spend a lot of time running away I managed to get both units of Gedrith across the water. Stupidly I charge with the mounted fellas on the last turn and what could have been a mighty victory turned into me being narrowly ahead on points.
A splendid game, with Francis receiving able assistance from his son Keiran, and Mrs Francis even making me a cup of tea. A fine way to play soldiers

Game Three
I was playing my regular nemesis Scrivs in the Attack on the Camp scenario with my fierce warband army attempting to hold onto a small palisade. It did not go well.

 Right, all we have to do is stand still...


 There in't 'alf a lot of 'em

 Come back, come b...oh

 Reckon we can handle this lot

 The Spanish seize the camp

View from the other side

Scrivs, as is his wont, played very well. My Gedrith disgraced themselves and the end result was a Lots to Nil thrashing. I think Scrivs felt bad, but we had a fun game as usual. There's a report (and handsome* picture) on Scrivs Blog

Game Four
This was against Neil and I was back on the table I started on, playing against some El Cid Arabs - Almoravids in this case. We were playing the Miraculous Shrine scenario the one I'd played in my warm up game with Scrivs though due to an accounting error I was using my 1500 point army for the third time which was mildly irritating as I'd already packed the extras away (I suspect I played the wrong side in game one - so the error was probably mine).
Neil and I played Age of Arthur armies at the weekender at Maelstrom a year or so back. He won at a canter on that occasion, so wasn't expecting this to be easy. I was right.

 May Allah guide our arrows!

 Watch that flank!

 Andalusian cavalry doing what they do best

 Where are you all going?

 Nearly there


I almost sneaked getting more men nearest Neil's Needle (stop tittering at the back) but some well aimed javelins saw the lads off and it was a big win for Neil.
Another great fun game that saw plenty of swings back and forth and some unexpected fleeing that turned the game a couple of times. Great WAB stuff with a splendid opponent.

In the final tallying of points I wasn't quite last. John claimed moral superiority on an alphabetical basis. Martin has listed the results here.

On the way home Brother Scrivs** and I switched from setting wargaming to rights to addressing the problems of the world in general while John adopted a foetal position and let out brief mewling sounds.

Looking forward to Cold Steel already.

And a reminder if this has whetted your appetite for some one day WABbing Scrivs and I are running an event in October at Maelstrom. Details here

*opinions vary
** Scrivens-Smith and Webster-Deakin. The kind of double barrelled names you'd expect to be first against the wall come the Revolution.

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