Friday, 20 April 2012

Egyptian Pyramid School Project

One of the advantages of being an unemployed workshy fop is that my kids get some quality Dad time to help with schoolwork.
Last term eldest boy did the Romans, and we made a villa.
This term it's Egyptians, so a pyramid was clearly in order.
I dug out the original (and best) Citadel Terrain book and we set to work.

And here's the results
First, Au Naturel:

Now with Flash

The Project Manger was very clear about wanting to be able to get at the tomb and have a Mummy inside it, so it all lifts off which leads to a rather pleasing "Russian Doll" effect.
I did some of the cutting and measuring, but most of the work was his.

The pyramid itself was made from four equilateral traingles of corrugated card, covered with paint mixed with PVA and filler.
The base is an MDF offcut covered with sand, cat litter and a few rocks.
The backdrop is eldest boy's own artwork.
Palm trees are twisted wire frame wrapped in PVA soaked bandages.
The tomb was made from foamcard, then covered with the same plaster, paint, PVA mix.
And the mummy is a shape made from tin foil covered in PVA soaked bandages.

All in all pretty pleased with the results.
If we don't get housepoints I shall want to know why!

Of course, while making it we had to watch this several times, for inspiration/giggles:

More toy soldier related posts coming soon, promise.

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