Friday, 20 January 2012


I finally remembered to take my camera along to my regular Thursday night Warhammer gaming session.

We played a variation on the Watchtower scenario. The background involved the tower being the tomb of a Vampire, defended by Dwarfs. If the VC and their Skaven allies could get into the tower the Count would be unleashed. There were four players each with 1250points, I was one of the Dwarf players and we'd be facing the new VC for the first time.

It was a long and bloody game.
We managed to stop the worst of the evil alliance magic and reap a heavy toll with our warmachines and at first all was plain sailing. However some Skaven warmachines and a nasty spell or two put us on the back foot. Fortunately Dwarfen stoicism saw us through and in the end we were able to keep the lid firmy on the Vampire coffin.

 Views along the Dwarf lines. Note role playing beverage in the background

 The Evil Alliance deploy. Note absence of blood based beverage.

 Slayers get ready to do what Slayers do best.

 Crunch, splat, squeek!
 Going, going....

 ...nearly gone....

Oh no you dont....


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