Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Berber Building

My scenery building continues apace.
This is a simple "Arab/Berber" building for use in El Cid or Crusaders games. Probably do for Darkest Africa, Back of Beyond or Nothwest Frontier, should I ever give in to my many urges in those directions. Or as a 40K Ork hut if you fancy.

Simple Foamcore construction, it was then covered with a mix of  PVA, filler and very fine sand before I added a scored balsa wood door and trapdoor.
The walls were then painted with a pot of Wilkinsons Emulsion sampler (Crushed Almond) then washed with Gryphonne Sepia, before drybrushing with the basecoat and then white.
Wood was Charadon Granite, Overbrush Graveyard Earth, Drybrush Bleached Bone.
It's quite small,which I like as it doesn't have too big a footprint. I did build one more "in scale" with my models, but it just looks "too big" to my eye.

Here are the plans if you want to make your own:

Obviously you'll need two of each side.
Cut a door and window in one and two windows in the other of the long sides. Then stick the two short walls inside the long ones and let dry before fitting the roof. You may have to trim the roof depending on the thickness of your foamcore, mine was 5mm thick, so the plan above worked fine (more or less). I glued the roof level with the dotted line on the above plan, which meant it gave a small wall for protection and cleared the top of the windows.

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  1. Looks great. The painting has worked very well.