Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Daemons of Slaanesh

The Daemons are off to war again tonight. A Storm of Magic game, 2k points with 500 extra points of Monsters and Magic.
So I thought I'd take some pictures. Unfortunately some of the units didn't come out too well, so they'll have to wait for another time.
Keeper of Secrets

He's been dropped to the bench for this evening and will have his place taken by a Tzeentch Daemon prince.

The Masque.

Another non-player this evening as she makes little baby Jesus (and my opponent) cry.

Herald of Slaanesh
 He's the old metal command model

Herald BSB


Nasty pieces of work, but really I need more of them to pack a proper punch.

Pink Horrors.
The old metal models. A royal pain to put together but I wish I had some more to make a larger unit with. I've got some of the nice new plastics, but they don't really mix.

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