Monday, 15 August 2011

A Roll of Linoleum (2)

Got a little painting done over the weekend. Not as much as I'd have liked as I had to wrestle with a recalcitrant toilet. Given my prevous plumbing based post maybe I should re-brand this as the web's only plumbing and wargaming blog. Opportunties for double duty with Greenstuff, obviously.

Anyways, here's some work on the Musketeer Late Roman.
GIven that my view is that Dark Age warfare is largely men in brown with sticks hitting other men in brown with sticks I thought I'd start from a brown undercoat. I used Plastikote Chocolate Brown because a) it's a good match for GW Scorched Brown and b) I already had a tin.
From that base he has, as follows (all GW paints):
Flesh: Tallarn Flesh
Trousers: Bestial Brown
Puttees:Dheneb Stone
Belt: Snakebite Leather
Spear: Desert Yellow
Metal: Boltgun Metal
Hair: Chaos Back

Pretty rough and ready so far, but extensive use of washes will make all the difference. (I hope)


  1. Great start. keen to see the finished fig.

  2. Wargaming AND Plumbing, Lol. Good stuff