Friday, 15 July 2011

Hot Lead Warm-Up Game

'Tis Hot Lead this weekend at Gripping Beast Towers
I'm taking my Almoravids. I was going to take something new in the form of my Northumbrian Saxons, but I've been in something of a gaming and painting funk for the last month or more, so in the end plumped for the Almoravids as I can easily make an army up from them with no work required.
As a result the army is somewhat "sub-optimal" which suits my similarly "sub-optimal" playing skills.
In a vague attempt to appear even vaguely competent John and myself arranged a warm-up game using the armies we'll be taking and played the An Heroic Example scenario.

I got distracted and forgot to take many pictures for long periods of the game, but here they are anyway.
(Click to Bigificate)

 A challenge (which didn't end well for Abd Inuff)

 My battle line (note important victuals to rear of deployment)

 Ibn Coldir bravely leads his Black Guard away from the enemy at top speed

 The Kamel Korps!

Stab, stab, die, die!

The battle did not go well for me. Abd Inuff died in the initial challenge, meaning I was at -1Ld for the entire game. I aso had a whinge during the game that WAB2 has had a negative impact on some of my troops (Stubborn for Black Guard, loss of light troop capabilities for Berber Cav) but that I'm still paying the points for, whilst the Andalusians have no such penalty (they keep the old light cav rules). Under WAB 1.5 I regularly beat John, under WAB2 I've squeaked one narrow win.
However I think the reality is that John has adapted and improved his tactics and I'm still trying to play the old way. By the time my chaps hit his line they'd been weakened by shooting and his cavalry were in my rear (ooer!) with inevitable consequences.
So I'm going to buy a whole bunch of mercenary crossbowmen at the weekend. That'll sort him out!

Anyway we're all off to Gripping Beast HQ in Scrivs mini:

Report on my return.


  1. Some lovely models there, well done!

    And I agree - victuals are vital! After all, an army marches on its stomach does it not? :-)

  2. Very nice photos. Not going to be much room for the mini's in the Mini!!