Saturday, 14 April 2018

Chain of Command US v German Delaying Action (1)

Once more Oberstleutnant Ballzimmer and I cross sword on the outskirts of Tromnee-sur-Ilq, Normandy, June 1944.
Having thrown back the German counter attack the American forces are pushing on. The Germans meanwhile are determined to slow down the advance.

 View from the American end of the table

 Jump off points marked (German in Red, US in blue - ignore the big red one!)

I had selected a preliminary barrage. Hoping to disrupt German deployment for a few phases and allow me to rapidly deploy up the table. I can only win by capturing the German jump off point in the petite patisserie in the centre of the rear of the board, so wanted to make rapid progress toward German lines.
Predictably I rolled triple 6 with my first roll. ending the turn and with it the barrage before it had any chance to wreck Ballzimmer's plans.
At this point I should have reconsidered my options, but I didn't and instead deployed three squads from the get-go. rather revealing the American hand too early.

I pushed one section forward on the right flank where cover was heaviest, hoping to swing around there whilst pinning Germans down on the more exposed left.

The Heer quickly moved to occupy the field on my left. Leaving my squad loitering in the roadway, wary of advancing on the MG42.

Over on the right more Heer moved to occupy the woods facing my advancing squad.

And a final section of Germans put down their vanilla slices and tartes and left the patisserie.

Inevitably a heavy firefight commenced on the right. I'd managed to get a second section up into the other woods on this flank.

However, despite throwing everything possible at the Germans they stubbornly refused to break and casualties and shock began to mount in my sections.

Even the mortar and 30 cal were not enough to swing it.

The Germans were pinned and I launched an assault but terrible dice saw my men flung back and the Germans still in possession of the woods.

And then, to make matters worse, an ominous clanking signaled the arrival of some German heavy metal...

We called a halt at this point and will continue next week...

I'm in all sorts of bother. The attack on my right flank has stalled - one squad is pinned and the other is badly shot up. Even though the Germans are in slightly worse shape I'm not sure I have the manpower left to shift them.
The arrival of the Stug, spraying MG fire has further worsened the situation on that flank. I also don't have anything much in the force to deal with armour. Let's hope the bazooka boys can arrive and save the day.
I think if this were a proper campaign where my casualties carried over into future games I'd be pulling out by now. As it is a couple of good turns of shooting from the Germans are likely to see my force morale collapse.


  1. How unsporting if you to interrupt the Germans cream tea...probably explains the kicking they gave your boys?

    1. "Never come between a German infantryman and his baba au rhum" as the famous phrase has it