Thursday, 26 April 2018

Napoleonic 5/60th rifles

A pair of likely lads somewhere in the Peninsular.

These are the plastic Perry riflemen that come in their British infantry sets.
I painted them up as 60th rather than 95th with one in the uniform issue blue trousers and one in some scavenged brown trousers that would have become more prevalent as the campaign continued.

Looks a bit 'Daniel Craig' this one

They're 60th so they could potentially do double duty in war of 1812 games. Though possibly the 7/60th would have had green breeches and anyway didn't see any combat as far as I can tell. Apart from that it's a plan with no flaws.

I've a few more on the painting table already - only need 6 or so for a tiny BP unit or if we ever go Sharp Practice again. I've got a metal command set somewhere too.