Thursday, 19 April 2018

Chain of Command US v German Delaying Action (2)

When you left us gentle reader the US forces had rather come up short in their quest to liberate the mille-fueilles from the petite patisserie.
Continue reading to discover if they can turn things around.

As the rest of my force was pinned down I (finally) pushed the section that had spent the battle lurking in a sunken road toward the Germans in the field.

Meanwhile Ballzimmer's men continued to pour fire into my beleaguered section in the centre of the field. assisted by the firepower of the Stug.

In a desperate roll of the Chain of Command dice I used my only CoC die to fire with the recently deployed bazooka team.
They missed. And an HE shell saw them blown from the field.

Finally my centre squad cracked and broke. Somewhere in the middle of the Germans getting three consecutive phases. At the end of these consecutive phases Oberstleutnant Ballzimmer inevitably used a CoC die to end the turn and ensure the section and attached senior leader routed.
US force morale plummeted and I was down to just three activation dice.

As the Stug manouvered to lay fire into the US squad on my right flank the Americans on the left, seeing Germans break cover, did likewise and ran forward firing from the hip.
They missed.
And before the Germans could return fire I ran up the surrender flag.

A short and brutal continuation of the battle with a rather predictable end.
My plan was thrown off from the start when the initial barrage failed to delay German deployment, and instead of reacting to that I tried to press on with a speedy attack and ended up advancing piecemeal.
Also not having anything to hurt a tank was a bad plan.
Still a good fun game. Need to paint up my 57mm anti-tank gun.

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  1. A short sharp action action there, the god of fate was certainly agin you.