Friday, 13 April 2018

Americans for Chain of Command

In an attempt to escalate the arms race with General Ballroom I popped over to see nice Mr Nick at Northstar and got a few packs of Americans.
I wanted a sniper (after my Sergeant was on the receiving end in the Crete game) and an FOO team and I needed a few more riflemen to ensure I had enough crews for the support weapons (as they were originally intended for Bolt Action).

All were done in the same way as the previous ones basic block painting followed by an all over wash. This time, I used Army Painter Strong Tone wash, rather than the dip (mainly so they dried quicker and matt).

They need some static grass adding, but I rushed them in to battle before they got that treatment.

The riflemen are Crusader.
Sniper and FOO team are Artizan.

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