Thursday, 5 April 2018

Warhammer - the Good Friday Massacre

For the last few years Stephen and I have got together at Easter for drinking sessions punctuated by games of the finest of all wargames Warhammer.
Usually we have roped our chum Spandex in to remain a bastion of bemused sobriety as we attempted to move soldiers in a state of advanced drunkenness. Sadly he wasn't available this year. But, undaunted Steve and I pressed on with the whole thing.

So, big game of Warhammer. I had 3,000 points - 2,000 Orcs and Goblins and 1,000 Ogres. Opposing me was a slightly smaller alliance of Skaven and Undead.
All I had to do was knock down a bunch of buildings (and avoid being butchered by the Vampire).

 The field of WAR!

 I painted these. They are horrible models

 Boar Boys are Aces!

 Giant. Ideal for smashing buildings

 Da Gobbos

The battle began with the horrid dogs charging the boarboys.  Meanwhile repulsive, rotting leathery things devoid of emotion and empathy (no, not Theresa May) were flapping around.

Stephen got his ghoulies out. They're a peculiar shade of purple are Stephen's ghoulies.
They formed up in a horde in the graveyard, with the vampire ordering them about.

The Boarboys took their sweet time killing the dogs.

Fortunately I had some things to deal with leathery flappers.

On the left flank a Doomwheel was fizzing about randomly, which caused my own randomly fizzing things to come shooting out. Dealing a fair bit of damage to the electrified hamster wheel.

The Vampire got his ghoulies out to play with. The Bulls charged them. And then were slaughtered.

The boarboys, finally free of the dogs made for the skaven

As the bulls were dying the Ironguts and Orcs pushed up

Having gorged on dead flying beasties the Squigs went to munch on the tower.

 Bulls struggle gamely on

Eventually the Ironguts ploughed into the tower and hacked it to the ground.

Meanwhile out of sight (i.e. I forgot to take pictures) the Orc warboss cut down the Vampire and some serious crumbling began.
Victory to the Orc and Ogre alliance!

Splendid game. Steve was a bit hampered by deployment (his super hard graveguard were out of command range of the vampire, so struggled to get anywhere) but my big lads performed admirably.

Then we went for a curry.

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