Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Of Gods and Mortals, Zeus takes on Hermes

Chum James has been keen to play some more OGAM and with my newly finished harpies and a recent game against the Gaming Heir under my belt I was happy to oblige.

James has a splendid scenery collection and had been aided by his daughter in creating a marvelous Greek townscape for us to fight over.

Naturally i took the newly painted harpies. I also had the war sheep, brass bull, minotaur, various Spartans (naked and archers) and Hermes.
James had Zeus, the Talos, Greek soldiers, Jason and a minotaur.

Now technically the minotaur is supposed to be unique, but we thought "what the Hades" we'll go with two and see who is the best bull headed fella around.

The game began with the Talos moving off to fight the Brass Bull and the Minotaurs engaged in a Minoan Stand Off.

Eventually the metal monstrosities came to blows.

Hermes meanwhile ran around in back field and smacked into Jason.
Unfortunately he lost. And died.
Fortunately frantic bleating by the war sheep returned him to the mortal plane.

Meanwhile the brass based battle of the big guys ended suddenly and spectacularly when they drew a fight and both died utterly on the ground.

The Greeks meanwhile formed shield walls and taunted one another.
However the Spartans were being steadily whittled by a rain of lightning bolts from Zeus.

Tiring of this Hermes flew up to fight the big guy, but was beaten back.

Finally we got to see some hardcore Bull on Bull action as the Minotaurs went toe to toe. Or possibly hoof to hoof.
A fight won by the slightly less authentically Greek minotaur on my side.

Zeus descended from his cloud to get stuck in.

And Jason chased off the harpies.

Hermes, his forces dwindling went after the archers.

And was eventually knocked down by a thunderbolt from Zeus.

Finally Zeus and the boys cornered Hermes and the Lightning God delivered the coup-de-grace.

Great fun game (though it did take rather a long time for Zeus to kill of Hermes at the end).
I forgot until too late in the day that ganging up is the best way to kill things and I ran out of warm bodies before I could put that into practice.
I think we both felt that Zeus' lightning power is a bit OP - he can basically just kill a mortal every turn, especially in this scenario  where the winning side automatically gets two free invocations each turn.
But this is a minor quibble OGAM gives a great game each time we play.

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  1. Fabulous looking game. We've had similar thoughts about Thor knocking legends over with lightning for fun.