Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Of Gods and Mortals - Sacred Grove

Unwilling to play any more 40K for the time being (see previous post) the Gaming Heir decided that we should get the OGAM toys out.
He took Poseidon and I took Hermes.
We both had an assortment of mortals and heroes, I made sure to include the war sheep.

We decided to play the Sacred Grove scenario, mainly because the GH had set the table up with a grove in the centre.

I began by advancing my hoplites toward the grove.

The Sea God appeared behind my lines and decided to use his trident as a crook.

Hermes ran across to rescue his flock. The resultant draw left the sheep awed!

Meanwhile the Nemean Lion had wondered into the grove and was able to shrug off the attacking sprites due to being invulnerable.

At about this point Hermes was banished from the mortal realm and the sheep fled the scene.

The GH invoked furiously and used the resultant power to summon a Kraken - no doubt irate at being forced to dwell in a swamp.

Hermes was restored to the mortal realm and ran into the grove to see off the lion.

Poseidon and the Kraken decided to even the odds.

Finally the brass bull (slow) got moving and clanked toward the grove.

Where he joined up with the Spartans.

Seizing his chance the bull charged the Nemean Lion, who rolled a 1 and was vanquished!

But it was too little too late, the centaurs had by now sneaked into the grove and despite Hermes killing the Kraken the game belonged to Poseidon!

Another good fun game. I always enjoy games with the Song of.. engine. They're the right balance of choice (2 dice or 3?) and fun for me.
Predictably the two recently painted units, sheep and brass bull were largely terrible.

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