Monday, 9 April 2018

Dragon Rampant Kislev against Crocodiles

Down to the Lenton Gamers club again for my monthly fix of Dragon Rampant in the campaign.
This time I was to play Sam, who had an army of crocodiles. Handbags and Shoes for the Tzarina!

Sadly Sam knew what he was doing and I still don't.

 Forward the horse archers!

 The proud Lancers of Kislev

 Ungols advance

 Crazy Crocs

 More reptilian raiders

 Dead stuff too

We were playing the scenario where you have to collect up the gems.
The vagaries of the dice meant we were playing down the length of the table. A few fluffed activation roles meant the killer kroks were able to scoop up more than half of them quite quickly.
As we'd forgotten to do boasts or challenges that meant I was already unable to win. However neither of us felt like finishing soon (or starting again) so we just fought on. You know, for the lolz.


The yetis managed to drop rocks on the heads of some passing crocs, but this was the limit of my success.

Eventually a particularly animated and agitated alligator put paid to my wizard

And with that we called a halt to the slaughter.
I'm now played 3 lost 3 in the campaign.
But it's all good fun.

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