Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Chain of Command US v German Flank Attack

Once more unto General Ballroom's Gaming Hut for a game of Chain of Command.
We decided to play our second game using the full setting up rules, rolling for morale and scenario and everything.
We rolled up the Flank Attack scenario, so figured that as I'd lost the previous game the US would be on the defensive in the outskirts of the village we'd fought over last time.
The scenario potentially gives the attacker lots of support, so we were both excited (General B) and nervous (me) about the outcome. Then the good General rolled a 2 and it was all pretty much the same as last time.

Despite the advantage of patrol markers on the German side for this scenario I was able to push forward with mine and rapidly pin the German forces. However the Germans would be attacking in force from the wooded hill on the right of the board.

The US faired better with the early rolls and I rapidly deployed a squad in the centre of the board. Sending the rifle section to secure the fence line I pushed the BAR team into the small wooded hill to give fire to the Germans advancing on my left.

Meanwhile a second squad occupied a building on the fringes of the village with good field of fire over the rest of the settlement of Tomnee-sur-Ilq.

Once again the Germans infiltrated the wooded hills to the east of the village and a firefight broke out between the US troops at the fence and the deploying Heer.

Unfortunately the Geermans had by this stage managed to get a section of fallschirmjager complete with two (!) machineguns into the buildings from where they could potentially enfilade my troops at the fence.
So I was forced to deploy my remaining section behind a wall and fence and give fire on the building to try and keep heads down.

Initiall firing bought some success but the superior German fire power began to take it's toll.

At this point with time ticking on we called a pause and will conclude the battle this evening....


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