Tuesday, 10 April 2018

40K Campaign, game two

The second game in the campaign the Gaming Heir and I are fighting over the verdant and erstwhile peaceful planet of Turtus VII.
A force of mostly standard marines led by the Emperor's Champion has blundered into contact with my altogether clankier army, consisting of Dreadnaught, Kans and a Morkanaut.

Early shooting from the marines proved ineffectual and the Orks clanked merrily forward.

Despite a jet swooping overhead the bright red death machines were soon in amongst the marines.

Where their shiny metal fists wrought havoc.

It was soon all over and the Ork Death Machines were triumphant.
Turns out Emperor's Champions are prone to squishyness when confronted by a Morkanaut..

Oddly enough the Gaming Heir has refused my subsequent attempts to play the next campaign turn.

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