Monday, 31 March 2014

Battle of Keren

As I mentioned before I'll be helping out with the Battle of Keren game that James and Scrivs (under the guise of Newark Irregulars) are staging at Salute this year.
The other night seven of the eight of us that will be there assembled at James house for a pre-Salute curry (in honour of the Indian troops that did a lot of the fighting) and a briefing from James.
The curry was splendid and the briefing and and Pathé newsreels even better. The less said about my Curry Cookies the better.
As a little taster here's one of the Pathé newsreels of the advance on the steep mountainsides that characterised the battle


Click this to see the film footage

There are a few more newsreels on the Pathé site

You can read more about the battle on Wikepedia.

James and Scrivs have done loads of research and the game will have plenty of accompanying material. Plus me. Bluffing.
Do try and get along and see us and say hello if you can.

By way of a prequel James and Scrivs staged a game at Canon show in Retford yesterday. I couldn't go due to Mothering Sunday embargo.
There's a full report and loads of eye candy over on the Scrivsland blog

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  1. Looks like a great project and the game will no doubt be spiffing on the day. Look forward to see the results