Monday, 10 March 2014


As my contribution to the Keren game at Salute I'm going to make some explosions.
Hopefully some quite big ones.
I will be following the method outlined by the legendary Dave Andrews in WI a year or two ago. A plan only slightly flawed by having thrown the magazine away a few months ago as part of a tidy up.
Still I can remember the gist of it - base, cocktail sticks,hot glue gun, bushes. What can possibly go wrong?

So here are two "proof of concept" attempts.
The first resembling nothing so much as a furry, deformed Dalek.

The second starting to look a bit more like it.

Obviously they need the glue strands tidying up and spraying a different colour "explosions aren't green dad" as my oh so wise eight year old informed me.
Howerver i think I might be able to pull a few of these off.
And hopefully a few really big ones the size of CDs...

1 comment:

  1. Looks fine to me Tom.

    Get 'em sprayed and you'll know what you have mon ami.