Friday, 7 March 2014

Musketeer Miniatures Saxon Archers (1)

So having mildly (and inadvertently) besmirched the Musketeer Saxon archers in a previous post I thought I'd actually show how they go together.
And the answer is, really well.

Cleaning up was simple - very little flash and minimal mold lines - a few minutes with file and knife soon got rid of everything

The hands are separate and gripping the bows, this means they can be cast separately from the bodies, allowing for better casting, and with bows and hands as a single piece thus avoiding the "claw grip effect that you sometimes get with separate bows. My worry was that the hands would then be very likely to detach from the bodies. however as you can hopefully see the hand casting comes complete with a built in pin to enable secure location, rather than the weak "pimple and dimple" design that some other figures have in these instances.

Of course the vagaries of the casting process mean you can't have deep drilled out holes in the arm to receive the pin, but there is a locating mark on the wrist and a minute or so with a pin vice soon has a hole prepared. Then simply glue and slot home.

Next step was to glue them on to GW slottbases.
Were I starting this army now I'd probably use either Renedra plastic bases  or Warbases MDF ones, but when I began I worked for GW, so I lived in land where such bases grew on trees and we could all indulge in freebasing.

After that I apply a modicum of filler mixed with a little sand. Again if I were starting now I'd probably just use sand, but some of the early historicals I began with had quite thick bases and the filler helped blend them in a little. The bases on these are nice and thin so it's not really necessary.

Next step in prep is to apply a little PVA glue in patches and then sand over the PVA, just to break up the texture.

Finally I sprayed them all with Plastikote Chocolate Brown spray and neglected to take any pictures.
They were then packed in my bag and taken to Swindon - you can see a blurry image of how I started on them here.

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