Monday, 24 March 2014

Musketeer Miniatures Saxon Archers (4)

I finished these in time for the gaming day, but didn't get round to taking any pictures.

Here are eight of them on the movement tray they spent most of the games on

And here are a few singles

As I was painting these I had a moment of realisation as to where Musketeer Bill had drawn his inspiration

 Or possibly...

So we have Parfitt/St Hubbins the Archer

Rossi/Tufnel the Archer

And Lancaster/Smalls the Archer

Of course whilst painting these I watched the excelent Quo documentary on BBC4, and so had to paint one of them up as the elederly leader based on Alan Lancaster as he is now

And finally a group shot


  1. I hadn't clocked the resemblance until you mentioned it. Scary!

  2. Nicely done and funny with it.

  3. Ery nice painting! Now I finally know why they were so familiar to me ;-)

  4. I think you need to sculpt a Saxon warlord based on Biff Byford of Saxon!

  5. Good paintjob and a perfect mockery to their hairstyle. A good laugh for a sad morning!