Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bang! (2)

A little more work on the explosions for the Keren game.
Bit more clump foliage applied with hot glue gun, then coated with cheap hairspray by way of a fixative.
Then sprayed with black, grey and finally white.
I think they look OK.

I think they may need a bit more spraying as you can see some green peeking through.
I'm not sure what colour explosions are never having been unfortunate enough to be close to a real one.
Part of me thinks they ought to contain the yellows of the earth that the game will be played over, and part of me thinks they'd be mainly black from the explosive used. This part of me also thinks that getting them to be yellowy ochrey in places might be a massive pain in the posterior.

I think I'll probably leave the decision (and any repainting) to Scrivs and James.

Now to make some big ones.


  1. I have been told by several artillery officers that most explosions are dust coloured, since the earth or sand thrown up is always exponentially more present than the brief flash of the explosion, which usually occurs half-buried anyway.

    But as a gamer, I like big black broiling explosions, so I don't really care! Very nice work, Tom!

  2. Excellent explosions Tom (something just sounds 'wrong' about my last sentence!)


  3. Thanks chaps.
    They're a bit fiddly to make but look good once sprayed.
    Good info on the dust A-Historian. Scrivs thinks they could do with some brown/yellow in too, so I may give that a whirl.

    1. A bit of variation of hue around the 'edges' maybe?

      They do look great as they are though Tom.