Tuesday 16 January 2018

Frostgrave: The Worm Hunts

The Gaming Heir's enthusiasm for Frostgrave rubbed off sufficiently on his cynical older brother to the extent that we staged a three player version of the Worm Hunts scenario.

As is usual when three way games take place I somehow ended up in the middle...

 The field of battle (needs more snow)

 Geremi Quorbinn urges the hirelings on

 Necromancer and his purple minions

 Fido returns from injury

 What's that Templar, someone's decayed your sword? Oh boo-hoo!


 "Look over *there* Geremi"

 My crossbowman in his favoured vantage point

 Valerie has a nasty encounter with an enormous throbbing purple worm

 The Necromancer's knight finds a secret tome

 After exiting with the treasure the tracker quietly closes the door

Having shaken off the worm Valerie takes cover

At the end I made it off with four treasures, the GH had two and the Necromantic son had three.
We realised after the game we'd been playing Leap wrong, allowing the GH to cast it on enemies (and even the Worm) to great effect. He gleefully put his brothers knight on top of the high tower.

The Elementalist finally met his match as first his wizard and then his apprentice bit the dust in the same turn. He wasn't happy. Fortunately both survived unscathed in the post battle.

Sadly the elder boy wasn't that enthusiastic - I doubt he'll play again any time soon, but hopefully the Gaming Heir will be eager for revenge for his minor setback in the not too distant future. 

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