Monday, 8 January 2018

Frostgrave: The Living Museum

So, enthused by his victory in our last game of Frostgrave, the Gaming Heir challenged my Chronomancer once more to take to the frozen city.
We decided to play The Living Museum scenario. Mainly because I had the necessary six statues to make the game work.
We actually played this scenario once before, a couple of years ago...
He set up the terrain - I added my new trees and away we went.

 The icy ruins of Felstad 

 My crossbowman again assumes a prime position

 Evil Fiery Elementalist Apprentice (and bodyguard)

 Geremi Quorbinn hangs out in cover with a thug

 The Elemetalist approacheth!

 Valerie d'Horlage in the shade of a lone pine tree...

 Elementalist thug grabs the first treasure...

 ...and activates a statue near my thug!

 Statues spring to life all over and the Templar goes to work

 While the elemantalist thug distracts the statue my Infantryman nicks the treasure

 Thug shielding thug from my crossbowman

 Do, do, do, come on and do the conga!

 A lone thug dashes for the final treasure

 Clubby the Thug makes off with treasure for me

 Target acquired...

 More treasure makes its way toward my table edge

 The Templar - Petrified at this point fights another statue

 Elementalist archer. Lurking.

 Another view of the battlefield (needs more snow)

 The last treasure is seized!

 As Clubby makes for the edge

With Bob Lantern not far behind.

This was another fun game. We realised we'd got spells slightly wrong in the first game, casting them far too easily, so magic played a lesser part this time around. Apart from Leap which the GH used very successfully to snatch three treasures with. I also made it off with three. I had also inflicted more casualties, but as he'd done more killinmg fo statues and casting of spells he riocketed up anoth four levels to my measly two. He's now Lvl 8 and I'm but a Lvl 4.

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