Tuesday, 9 January 2018

40K Orks v Imperial

With no sign of an end to the school holidays General B and Steve generously agreed to try and tone down the swearing and let the Gaming Heir bring his Templars along to the Ilko Gaming Hut.
We each had a 50 Power level force.
Steve and I bought nicely balanced not too frisky Ork forces.
General B and my son...? Not so much.
What's that you say, an Imperial Guard army made entirely of Tanks? And a Black Templars army in a Land Raider Crusader? At 50 Power level?

Anyway, we set up and went at it.

In the end it was something of a one-sided slaughter. The Orks didn't really have much that can trouble armoured vehicles. And when High Marshall Helbrecht (yes, him too) debussed from the Crusader it was all over for the greenskins.
Still it was a fun game and the Gaming Heir very much enjoyed his one sided win.


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    1. Sadly that would appear to be the case.
      Either that or he's just 12 and knows no better.