Monday, 22 January 2018

Frostgrave: The Keep

The Gaming Heir has recovered from his unfortunate experience at the hands of me and his brother and was once more willing to give his old man a thrashing in Felstad.

We decided to make use of the teleportation circles from Blotz I painted recently and play The Keep scenario. He set the table up while I was judging and watching his elder brother swim in a gala and when I got home we were ready to play.

 The field of battle (contains slightly more snow than last time)

 The Magic 7-up Bottle! Tempting, huh?

 Clubby gets whisked across the board

 And from a very slightly different angle

 Valerie's men fan out (note new Thug Sacky)

 Lanterny and the Treasure hunter take cover

 Fiery Elementalist and gang

 The recovered dog, fresh from his new kennel goes on the attack

 The new knight makes a discovery

 And is Leaped toward the board edge

Where the Tracker tries to tackle him

The game was great fun with the teleportation mechanic playing havoc.
Sadly the boy's Elementalist is now casting leap on just a seven, so he made off with the bulk of the treasure.
His new Marksman also proved lethal - and as he has a magic crossbow I can't use Decay to ruin his day.
The butchers bill was particularly high. The Elementalist Apprentice died utterly on the ground and the GH had to buy a new one.
Unfortunately my Apprentice was also badly injured and I don't have enough GC to heal him in time for the next game. Though as he failed to cast a single spell in this one I'm not sure I'll miss the useless git.

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