Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Frostgrave AAR

I've painted quite a lot of Frostgrave stuff and made a bunch of scenery, but scarcely played any games. General Ballroom in unable to play on employmenty grounds and Steve deems it "too swingy". I could probably get a game or two in if I ever went to the Lenton Gamers club, but that's on a Thursday which is a swimming night for the offspring. The kids were initially enthusiastic, but eldest boy is lost to growing up and the fairer sex and the Gaming Heir is a committed 40K-er.
So I was assuming I'd just have to play Solo, and have just assembled a Chaos Spawn for use in the Dark Alchemy scenarios.
However, a morning spent helping the Gaming Heir assemble some frightful Primaris thingies armed with Plasma guns put him in a good enough mood to agree to a game. I suggested Song of Drums and Tomahawks as I've just finished enough FIW models for a short game, but he responded (to my surprise) with Frostgrave.
So up to the loft to retrieve models and scenery, followed by a frantic thumb-through of the rules and we were set.

 The field of battle (needs more snow)

 Evil Elementalist Apprentice and escort

 Valerie d'Horlage and her bodyguard

 The Fiery (is there any other kind?) Elementalist lurks behind his minions

I'd forgotten how lethal Frostgrave could be and foolishly left my wizrd exposed. And standing very close to her soldiers. A sound of rushing flames and a loud boom later I was down a thug and poor Valerie was badly singed.

Over on my other flank the troops were taking a more wise approach to cover

 Tracker, Dog and Crossbowman. Lurking.

One of my mildly singed thugs managed to nab a treasure in the middle of the board. However a second elemental blast removed my wizard at the start of only the second turn!

 Aha, a vital scroll!

In the centre I occupied the large house and moved the crossbowman to a useful vantage point.

 You take the top floor, I'll guard the door!

Meanwhile the elementalist crew were hoovering up treasure.

 Grab the coins!

Just then, a Snow Leopard, drawn by the clash of arms appeared and ate an archer.


My thug raced for the table edge but an opposing thug cut him off.

 Hold it there sunshine!

A shambling zombie wondered on to the board and made for the Elementalist.


My thug escaped with treasure and my infantryman cut down the opposing thug before a Templar arrived with murderous intent.

Fortunately my Infantryman was made of stern stuff and hacked down the mail clad fellow.

At this point Leap spells had ensured the Gaming Heir had made off with three treasures and, as my soldiers closed in on his wizard his warband left the scene.

We had great fun playing. Frostgrave (at heart) is pretty simple and moves along at a fair old lick.
There's too many spells for my old brain to deal with, so I'm clearly not making the best of things but it doesn't seem to matter.
At the end of the game I'd gone up two levels and the gaming heir had become a level four wizard.
My dog will miss the next game, but other than that everyone is fine.
The GH lost a Thug and his thief is out of the next game, but he has more than enough GC to fill the gaps.

With a bit of luck we might get another game in this week before we return to work and school.

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