Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Frostgrave Ranger

After our first game the Gaming Heir decided to upgrade his force with a ranger.
So I scuttled off in search of the remaining Frostgrave sprue and knocked up this

 His face reminds me of Liverpool midfielder James Milner

All plastic and straight from the sprue (to be fair I think Kev Dallimore did exactly this figure when the game launched. Steal from the best I say).

As with most of the GH's models this was dipped in Wilko Woodstain - which made him pretty quick to turn around.
He featured in our second game (though he'd not been dipped by that stage so was just base coated).


  1. He looks great...good tip on the Wilko woodstain. I will have to get some of that!

    1. Cheap and water soluble so you can think it to your liking.
      Considerably cheaper that the Army Painter stuff.

  2. Vers nice! Good color combination! For my frostgrave team i take red as a color all member get (part of clothes or something else)

    1. The Gaming Heir's models all have yellow and orange colours on them somewhere (alongside many shades of brown) to match his (fiery) Elementailst.
      Mine have yellow and blue.
      I wish I'd thought about how hard yellow is to get right before picking those two schemes.

  3. He looks superb, lovely colors and great job!