Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Spartans for OGAM

I have no real idea why I own eight naked Spartans.
I vaguely remember that back in the dim and distant past when I first discovered WAB I thought I might do a Spartan army. So I suspect I picked these up as part of that. They were certainly stuck to GW 20mm square bases when I retrieved them from the loft. They're from Wargames Foundry
Four of them were around 80% painted the rest were just undercoated, so it was a little challenging to find the exact paints and mimic the techniques from around fifteen years ago, but I think I got it about right.

Nekkid Spartan butts
Annoyingly only five of the shields have the sculpted on Lambda aymbol so I'll need to order some transfers for the other three.
These are for my OGAM faction. Time to challenge the small boy to another game I reckon.

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