Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Frostgrave: The Living Museum

The Gaming Heir and I settled down for a game of Frostgrave over the weekend. His elder brother was off wooing a girl or some-such, so I fear he may be lost to the hobby for the foreseeable future so it was time to see how just a two player game went.
We would be playing the Living Museum scenario, which involves six statues next to the treasure tokens in the centre of the board, who come to life when the treasure is moved and try to cut down the nearest adventurers. In the absence of any suitable statue models we use the Arab Warband models I'd created for the eldest boy.

After some initial fumbling with the rules we were soon up and running. The Gaming Heir has a marvelous memory and so  kept reminding me of rules I'd forgotten or got wrong, which was handy.

 Valerie d'Horlage the Chronomancer leads her men into the ruins

 The Elementalists hove into view

 Titus the Elementalist's apprentice with his Templar chum

 The fiery Elementalist lurks by the tower

 A statue comes to life and stabs at the crossbowman

 Another statue takes on the man-at-arms

 More of the Chronomancer warband are drawn into fights as the Elementalist looks on

 The thief sneaks off with a treasure

 Wandering zombies arrive to make life tricky for the |Templar

 An Elementalist thug hacks down the archer

 Chronomancer warband tries to retreat, harried by statues

Wuff the dog gets a face full of Elementalist arrow

 A thug tries to get away, covered by the crossbowman

 Finally the statues turn on the Elementalist and his men

The Templar wades in as zombies converge on the warbands

We had great fun playing what turned out to be a very brutal and bloody game. Despite an early kill of one of the lad's thugs by my crossbowman, as soon as the statues came to life they all converged on my men and began to whittle my forces down. The Gaming Heir used his thief and Leap to nick one treasure then pinched some others while the statues picked on my men. Neither of my spellcasters were having good days and eventually killed themselves when miscasting spells. Finally as my last thug tried to make it off the board he was cruelly shot down just yards from safety.

A big and easy win for the Gaming Heir, who captured four treasures to my none (we play to a random turn length and you get whatever treasure you are carrying or have taken off the board when the game ends). I got a measly 30 XP, not even enough to level up, whilst the lad managed to rocket up to level 5. Pretty much my entire warband had been taken out during the game, but fortunately only the archer actually died in the post game round up, though both Wuff the dog and the Infantryman will miss the next game...

I really enjoyed playing this and I'm now thinking about actually finishing off the rest of my warband


  1. Nice report. I feel the scenarios add an awful lot to the game as opposed to a "standard" game.

    How do you run a random turn length?

    1. I agree, scenarios are the way to go.
      For random game length we roll a dice at the end of turn 5.
      on a 5+ the game ends, 3+ on turn 6 and automatically on turn 7.
      Treasure off the board or carried when the game ends you get to keep.

      I saw a suggestion on lead Adventure that you should automatically keep any you get off the board, but any you're carrying you only get to keep on a 10+ on a D20. I quite like that and may add it in.