Monday, 15 February 2016

Crusader and Artizan American Infantry

Some US infantry roll off the production line:

 Crusader riflemen

 Artizan BAR teams

All eight together

Painted and dipped to match the models I painted many moons ago.

These were added to try and get me a functioning force for Chain of Command so that I can take on Oberstleutnant Ballzimmer. The Bolt Action list I put together originally was some BARs and a few crew short. I guess BARs are "sub-optimal" in Bolt Action as I picked these two Artizan ones up cheap from Colonel Bills. Unhistorical force organisation in BA equals cheap soldiers for me.
The Crusader riflemen I picked up from nice Mr Nick Northstar.

Now just need the moons to come into alignment so that General B and I can give CoC a whirl.


  1. They match up well together. Nicely painted too!

  2. Thanks Allan.
    They do match well, main difference is that the Artizan models mostly lack backpacks and entrenching tools I think.
    I've cheerfully mixed them and the Warlord plastics.