Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Asteroids for Star Wars X-Wing

I like X-wing, it's very jolly and easy to play (if a little repetitive after a while).
However the two dimensional "debris" tokens have always irked me.
So I made some asteroids or meteors or whatever from some of the yellow insulation baord the builders had left in my garden.

 The full set

 Three of the big 'uns

 Three small 'uns and my new Imperial Ace for scale

Imperial Ace with a couple of the larger ones

Easy to make by just cutting the foam into squarish shapes and then pulling/cutting chunks out. They were then hot-glued to cocktail sticks which were in turn attached to some Mini Bits round bases I had lying around. I then coated the rocks with a mix of paint, plaster, PVA and some fine sand to seal them, before spraying black (you need to seal first of the spray melts the foam) and drybrushing.with some greys.
Very pleased with them and they've already seen action in a couple of games.


  1. The look good. I've also seen them made from the replacement lava rock you use for your gas BBQ grills, not that many use that any more.

  2. Yes I've seen those. But I've never seen cheap lava rock on sale and these were (pretty much) free to make.