Sunday, 14 February 2016

Reaper Bones Centaurs for OGAM

Bjorn and Benny the centaurs join the growing pile of Greek mythical creatures for games of Of Gods and Mortals.

I didn't like painting these models to be honest.
They're in that D&D/American High Fantasy style and they're a bit fiddly and I don't think the Bones material does them any favours - I suspect they're nicer in metal. There's also a few hard to remove mold lines.
But they were reasonably priced and they're finished.
I cut away the bendy spears they were supplied with and replaced with Northstar wire ones. I did also have to straighten them both up, though one of them has leaned back a bit even after the remedial work.


  1. Very nice figures and painting - these centaurs really convey their original depictions as rough and brutish types.

  2. Lovely work, didn't realise these had made it to Bones, might have to pick up a few myself.