Friday, 19 February 2016

Biel Tan Eldar

Son and Heir has joined the wargames club at school. As is to be expected it's a largely 40k dominated affair and after a short period of borrowing my Orks he eventually upgraded to an Eldar army, largely thanks to the generosity of Stephen, who happened to have a load of half painted ones he had no use for.
After an initial burst of enthusiasm he soon dropped any desire to paint them but carried on taking them in for regular punch-ups with his mate's Tau.
The club is an active one and they duly entered the Games Workshop Schools League, which is IMO a Good Thing that GW does to encourage younger gamers. For this he needed a painted army. Apparently the half-painted unbased stuff he had was "fine Dad" but I had other plans. However at the same time he managed to get cast in a role in the school play and weekends and evening painting time all but vanished. So I picked up brush and helped finish off some of the models.
And here they are:

A squad of guardians. Son and Heir painted most of these last year, so they just needed basing.

Fire dragons - again mostly painted by the lad last year

Banshees. He did the basecoats. I supplied the touching up

Rangers. These were mostly my work

Farseer. I did him

He also needed some objective counters, so I created these using some little oval gem things from a craft shop.

I was aiming for an "abandoned Spirit Stone" look - Just the thing Biel Tan Eldar would be searching for
They look a little like Skittles in that shot, and the more on the base the less convincing they look, but I'm pretty happy with how the single one turned out.

Funnily enough Eldar were the first Rogue trader models I ever bought many, many moons ago. And that Farseer model is one I've always loved. Simple, but elegant - Jes Goodwin at his finest I think.

There's also an Avatar, but he's suffering from droopy sword syndrome at the moment (we've all been there) so he'll await some straightening before he gets photographed. And there's a Wave Serpent that I forgot about - a picture for another day too.

In the end he won one game and lost two and his school were runners up in the heat. He had a great time and came home full of it.

Oh, and he won best painted army - a certificate he handed over to me.

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