Thursday 18 February 2016

Artizan NWF British

I've been eyeing these splendid models since they came out.
And as I appear to be turning into some kind of Dan Mersey Fanboy (a Mersophile?) and he has a new set of colonial rules out later this year called The Men Who Would be Kings it was only a matter of time before I cracked and bought a pack or two. Well three, actually, as twelve appears to be the requisite number for a unit in TMWWBK (pronounced TimWubbuk - which sound like the name of a burly Canadian lumberjack).
Nice Mr Nick Northstar only had two kneeling and one standing when I popped in and despite offering to cast some more standing ones "While You Wait" I decided to just take these and I'd be forced to return for more at a later date. Oh the hardship.

Painting was simplicity itself - a spray with Halfords Matt Khaki, pick out some details in whites, flesh, brown and black, then a wash of medium brown and pretty much done. They practically paint themselves. the remaining eight are already in an advanced state of paintingness and will be along shortly.

As a result I'll probably be back to see Nick far sooner than I expected...

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  1. Good solid Wargaming figures which is what I like best......think there is a fair chance I,ll be getting the new rules