Sunday, 1 March 2015

Warhammer Campaign Empire Army (6) - Allies!

Last week Stephen revealed that in our ongoing campaign we get an additional 150pts of allies in March.
Which is nice.
Apart from the fact that they need to be newly painted for the campaign.
Bugger. MORE painting.
I mused for a while, but clearly there was only one proper choice for allies for the Empire.
Their oldest, staunchest and most traditional allies - Kislev!

So it was up to the loft to rummage through the Kislev stash and return with this, five blisters of Kislev Winged Lancers, which is around 150 points. I thought I had a boxed set of these in the leadpile, but instead could only find blisters and loose bits. I’m sure I've got the command somewhere, but figured it was easier just to grab five trooper blisters to take with me to Swindon to do some prep work on. The initial five will probably only have a musician in any case, so five normal blokes will do just fine.
Looking through the plastic windows at them I’m already thinking I may snip off the bendy spears and replace them with erect and rigid North Star wire spears instead.


  1. Do you have the old rules that came with a white dwarf years ago to use them as proper kislev units?

  2. Indeed I do.
    In fact I appear to have two copies of the little booklet.
    They do make them quite overpriced for current WFB (more expensive than a plate armoured knight!) and their special rule doesn't quite work.
    There is a fan Kislev army book which prices them more competitively, so I may see if the chaps will let me use those rules. But TBH, if I get five of them painted then that's close enough to 150 points whichever version I use.

  3. If they are priced higher than Empire Knights something is wrong. But most light cavalry with full command are about 150, do what feels right. I am taking 10 Thunderers to shoot them anyway!

  4. Very nice looking forward to seeing Kislev, I have the booklet too but without abstain in the loft they are on the unlikely wish list.