Sunday, 8 March 2015

40K threeway battle

The offspring decided they wanted to play 40K.
Son and heir has been painting his Eldar to take to the school wargames club and smallest boy has various Marines, some inherited from me, some that he's had a go at painting himself.
I suggested they allied and fought against my Orks but they wanted the chance to kill each other as well (as siblings usually do) and so we set up a small three way game.

I don't own the current version of the rules, so we used the 6th edition set (I think) and I don't really know them at all, so much frantic rulebook thumbing ensued. Its clearly a game for fourteen year old boys who can hold endless cross references in their heads, not 40 something blokes with fading memories and a billion other things to do.

Anyway, we had fun. What follows are some pictures (some taken by the boys).

Dawn breaks over the desert planet of Ohara deep in the Vonnegut sector in the latter part of the 41st millennium.

 The Marines take up position

 Waaagh Gruzzkupp makes planetfall

 The Warlock and his bodyguard

 Aspect warriors jiving in the ruins

Ooooh, arty

 Orks, Orks, Orks!

 The Astartes advance

 Eldar shooting wrecks da boys truck

 Eager for revenge they pile in to the guardians

 No more guardians! Ooos next?

 Shall we dance?

 Orks dispatched, the Marines move on...

...and purge the alien menace.

It was a fun game, Having said they didn't want to ally and [play against me, they then teamed up in any case to take down their dad. 
Sadly eldest boy discovered that if you get your Guardians (and Banshees for that matter) too close to Orks, they'll generally come off worse.
Fire Dragons, on the other hand burninate greenskins very effectively.
The Marines took some shooting damage from the Orks because small boy rolled many ones, and for a bit it looked like dad would win. However when the marines got close enough to shoot and assault it was all over for the greenskins, and they were then able to mop up the remaining Eldar.


  1. Great stuff! The next generation are learning quickly!

    1. Of course, it won't be long and you won't have to remember any rules as your young 'uns will do so for you! Bonus!