Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spanish Civil War CoC at Cannon

Today I played a big game of Chain of Command using Scrivs' extensive Spanish Civil War collection at the Cannon Wargames show in Retford.
We were originally due to play a WW2 Game using James and Scrivs collection of WW2 East Africa troops, as a climax to James' Keren campaign from Salute last year. Unfortunately James had to pull out at the last minute, but Scrivs manfully stepped into the breach.
So Matt and I made a more eventful than really necessary trip to Retford where we met Scrivs, who'd already done most of the setting up and were soon joined by James (the other one) ready for the off.
James and I took on the guise of the oppressed Republican Freedom fighters, whilst Scrivs and Matt were the Filthy Fascist Lackeys.

The table looked splendid and we played a very jolly and leisurely game with plenty of breaks to wander around the stalls.

Here's the eye candy:

 The calm before the storm

 Moroccans approach the Republican lines

 Anarchists de-bus

 Artillery arrives

 Francos men sample the Rioja

The last few brave men hold out

Here's a couple of those pictures in black and white for a period feel.

After quite a tussle Matt's forces eventually overwhelmed my right flank, but were given a thoroughly bloody nose in return. However the Panzers rode to the rescue and after a succession of double sixes giving them five (!) consecutive turns the tanks hosed down my centre and my forces broke and fled.

James was then overwhelmed by the remaining forces and the foul Francoist forces held the field.

It was a great way to spend the day and with great company. Scrivs collection is amazing for something he only really began this time last year.
Pop over to his blog for all his Spanish Civil War goodness

The show itself seemed quite quiet to me, which gave it the feel more of a "gaming day" with your mates than a wargames show, and I did hear a few traders bemoaning the lack of custom. Hopefully the show will keep going as its a good venue and there's a gap in the calendar at this time.


  1. Looks excellent , like the B and W photos am going to steal that idea !

  2. Great pics Tom. I hope to get mine up later

  3. Lovely pics - I especially like the second B&W one, looks almost period!