Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pistoliers in Progress (2)

Pistolier painting has continued.
Washes and highlights applied to the clothes, gold and pistol stocks painted and washes applied to the leather and feathers.

In addition I've progressed their mounts. Two grey highlights applied. The final one almost white.
They still looked horrid, but painting the leatherwork really added some definition and neatened them up and I'm a lot happier now.

The hair is a creamy bone colour, which I wasn't sure about but has now grown on me.
I'm beginning to think the dapples idea may be a step too far and I'll just stick with grey horses. Like a massive coward. I may have another look at the Dallimore Painting Guide where he makes it look dead easy.


  1. Go for the dapples! It'll be worth it
    (Disclaimer: I'd probably chicken out too, but I have nothing to lose by egging other on).

  2. Holy crap you are on it, I need your hobby impetus!