Saturday 28 February 2015

Hammerhead Wargames Show 2015

Stephen, myself and my two offspring made the trip to Newark to the Hammerhead show.
I visited this show when if frst replaced the old Fantasy Partizan at Kelham Hall, but I hadn't been since the first one, so this was my first trip to the new venue at the Newark showground.

It was quite a jolly little show and I bumped in to a few familiar faces. The small boys had fun and played in several games (they're all participation at Hammerhead) and did some painting. Perhaps beacuse of the participation stricture there weren't rally any "showstopper" style demo games and eye candy, but then that's not what they're looking for. One minor criticism would be that this is a show targetted at younger gamers I'd have said, with the aim of getting them to join in. However several of the games were all quite long-winded affairs with some complex rules. Had it been me I'd have been looking to run a couple of 20 minute games each hour, rather than (as one gamer did) setting the timer for an hour (!) at the start.

I didn't go intending to take pictures, but grabbed a few on the phone:

The boys had fun playing this Mad Max inspired game.

Painting table

Chum James' El Cid collection doing Lion Rampant duty.

Dinosaurs versus Gruntz - the boys loved this one.

I also picked up some loot.
A big bag from Pendraken:

Late Roman army to fight my Saxons.

And a smaller one from MiniBits:

Dice and frames for my WFB Empire and Dux Bellorum

And I got a couple of freebies - one each of the show's WW1 models.

The German will be for Scrivs, should he want it.

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