Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Warhammer Campaign Triumph and Treachery

In a dank, airless room beneath the crumbling tower of the abandoned Bretonnian fortress the black clad tourturer prepared to go about his evil business.
Bring forth the prisoner he intoned and seconds later his two burly assistants dragged a struggling figure into the room.
"Ready to talk yet, elf?" enquired the torturer, gripping the figure by the jaw and locking eyes with him.
"Oooooh, get your hands off me you big brute!" shreiked the elf.
The torturer roared with laughter.
"I love elves. Any other prisoner would have spat in my face, but they're just too dainty!"
"This is outrageous!" yelled the prisoner " This cell is disgustingly filthy, my sheets haven't been washed in weeks, the decor is appalling and I've not had anything decent to eat since I got here!" he began to sob weakly.
"Oh, you'd like something to eat, would you? That can be arranged. We've got plenty of food. What would you like? Lightly coddled cockatrice eggs? A fillet of unicorn steak served with a quimberry jus?"
"Oh, by Alarielle, that sounds simply divine."
"Well then tell us what your king is up to and I'll have it bought to you at once" smiled the torturer.
"Never! I would never betray him for a few bites of food"
"Have it your way" beamed the torturer "Our guest is hungry. BRING FORTH THE PICKLED CABBAGE!"
" Whhaaat!" squeaked the elf "P..p...p...pickled cabbage. You MONSTER, this is abominable"
"Start talking pointy ears, or that's all you'll be getting..."

Fifteen minutes later the black clad figure stood before Abelard von Gesegnet with a full signed confession in his hand. The Elves were racing against the Bretonnians to a far flung corner of the island where magical treasures were rumoured to be found.
"Well done that fellow!" roared Gesegnet. "I guess we'd better go and spoil their little get together hadn't we! Bring me my armour and best fighting trousers!" he bellowed.
"One more thing" Gesegnet turned back to the black clad figure "we don't have any unicorn steaks, do we?"
"No my Lord" smiled the torturer "but I think a Middenheim blood sausage is just as tasty personally"
From deep below the throne room they could just make out a pitiful scream of horror....

And so to our first three way battle of the campaign.
The three armies have met at a corner of the island where the mysterious winds of magic often deposit items of great power. Each is determined to claim the riches for themselves and deny the others any gains.
This will be a Triumph and Treachery game.
There will be three randomly chosen magical items deposited on the board that can be claimed by moving onto them.
Any items still in possession of the army at the end of the game can be kept and used throughout the campaign.

A report should follow in the next day or two....


  1. Like the fluff. T&T is great, looking forward to the batrep.

  2. Brilliant purple text as always, better drag me army together and stick all the fricking lances back on me Knights!